Swiftfall is the ship you are embarking upon. Discovered by captaincharacter1 half-wrecked, without a crew, and only the partly burned off decal “Swif-” to identify her, Swiftfall has been repaired and is ready for full burn. captaincharacter1 found Swiftfall mostly in one piece. She seemed to have crashed, the captain claims, due to engine failure, with the impact mostly taken on the primary buffer panel. This and the surrounding area were burned out, and so needed to be replaced. Extensive repairs, including reinforcements of the structural integrity of Swiftfall, were all paid for by captaincharacter1. Though she seems to fall under the firefly class according to crew requirements and hauling capacity, she is a jumble of parts and designs that come together to make a unique, small transport ship. She requires a pilot and mechanic, but can accommodate up to three other personnel, be they medic, cook, or paying passenger. For ship specifications, see below.

Rooms: Crew quarters (2), passenger quarters (1 double, 1 single), vanity, common room/kitchen, cargo bay, engine room.

Attributes: Agility-d4 (ungainly, slow maneuverability); Strength-d4 (small transport); Vitality-d4 (in need of regular service); Alertness-d2 (rudimentary); Intelligence-d4 (substandard); Willpower-d2 (rudimentary: auxiliary life-support and little else)

Specifications: Speed Class-5; Fuel Capacity-100 tons; Cargo Capacity-500 tons

Traits: Quirk-Poorly lit: The hallways have only dim overhead lighting, making the less-than-even floor paneling a tripping hazard for the inattentive. Complication-Memorable: Original/unknown class and design. Asset-Allure.

Weapons: two bitty cannons (20lb)


Initiative: d6

Complexity: Very low.

For more information on ships see the Serenity manual.


Swiftfall LaTziganette