Rufus D. Doget

Madcap scientist specializing in biotechnology


Strength: 8
Agility: 8
Vitality: 4
Alertness: 4
Intelligence: 12
Willpower: 6

Derived Traits
Life Points: 10
Initiative: 12
Endurance: 10
Resistance: 8

Skills and Specialities*
Guns: 2
Heavy Weapons: 12
– Heavy Weaponsmithing: 6
– Demolitions: 6
Mechanical Engineering: 12
– Craft Mechanical Devices: 6
Medical Expertise: 12
– Biotech Development: 6
Scientific Expertise: 4
Technical Engineering: 12
– Craft/alter technical devices: 6

****** (Major): wouldn’t you like to know?
Amputee (Minor): actions that require the use of two hands take a minus 2 step penalty
Leaky Brainpan (Minor): minus 2 step penalty to influence- based social interactions
Memorable (Minor): +2 step to alertness for others attempting to spot or recognize me
Easy Mark (Major): minus 4 step penalty when trying to distinguish truth from lies

Mechanical Arm (Minor): +2 step for strength with this arm, minus 2 step for agility
Math Whiz (Minor): +2 step for intelligence for all actions related to accounting
engineering, navigation and in any situation that requires immediate mathematical interpretation
Mechanical Empathy (Minor): for a cost of plot points determined by the GM you gain intuitive knowledge as to what’s wrong with a particular mechanical device. +2 step skill bonus to Mechanical Engineering when fixing a device
Talented- Mechanical Engineering (Major): +2 step to Mechanical Engineering and costs 2 points less to progress to a higher die
Talented- Medical Expertise (Major): +2 step to Medical Expertise and costs 2 points less to progress to a higher die

Chameleon suit (1W): +2 to covert rolls while unmoving

Grenade Launcher: 40 foot range, 1ROF, 8 mag, range penalties doubled, damage based on type of grenade used

Patch tape
(4) Protein packs
Vacuum suit (2W)
Mask (2W)
(2) Mining charge (5d10 B)
(5) Chem Plast charge (3d12 W)
(24) Frag grenades (5d6 W)
(5) Smoke grenades (d4 S)
(5) Gas grenades (3d6 S)
Holo image
(2) Micro Transmitter
Motion sensor array
Med Acad bag
Mag charge
CAD board
Scrapper’s gel
Cutting torch
(5) Data disc
Xero security


Rufus was born on Ariel. Not much is known about his early life. Truth is, even he can’t remember much. His earliest memories are wandering the back alleys of Ariel rummaging through scrap piles for food and what he considered to be “toys”.
At age 14 he successfully resuscitated a man who had collapsed on the street. After reviving him Rufus hastily walks away from the scene. The man, a member of the board at the Med Academy, sought out the street urchin finding him just a few days later. It turned out that Rufus had only stopped to help the man in order to pick off his multiband which Rufus had begun to disassemble and tinker with. The board member recruited Rufus into the Medical Academy under the promise of a medical scholarship and a better life.
It quickly became apparent that Rufus’ methods, while effective, did not meet with approval from the medical elect. More often than not he was found tinkering with mechanical prosthetics and augmentations to solve problems that were usually resolved, albeit less effectively, by conventional medicine.
Nearing the end of his formalized education he was completing his senior thesis in which he was working on a mechanical port that would synthesize bio-electrical energy into energy that can be used in a machine, thus allowing the brain to directly control the actions of a mechanical prosthetic limb. His unpopularity with the heads of the medical academy had since spread to the student body and one senior, particularly outraged by Rufus’ use of machines confronted him in his lab. The argument became physical and Rufus was shoved backward. Trying to catch himself as he fell, his left arm was caught in the press machine used for the creation of several of the components of his work.
Rufus woke several days later in a hospital bed, his left arm missing. He never completed his training at the Medical Academy, instead turning his back on a field that, by all accounts, shunned and persecuted those with original thought.
Eventually completing his thesis and using it in the artificial replacement of his own arm, Rufus decided to travel the verse for a spell. Sometimes he bought his passage acting as a temporary mechanic or medic. Other times he had to dip into his limited financial resources. He sought out new founts of knowledge and people not afraid of creating something new and revolutionary.
As the years went on he met all manner of people. Making the occasional friend and one or two enemies. He currently is absorbed with a project that he is keeping very close to the chest, but insists that it is the “culmination of a lifetime’s work.”

Rufus D. Doget

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