Jill of All Trades


Quirky and usually quiet, Raven is more of a watcher than a talker. She always seems a bit on edge but at ease at the same time. She can be a great listener, and although she may not seem to know much, she knows more than you think. If you ask for an opinion, Raven will always tell you honestly (sometimes crudely) how it really is.


I’m from a small town called Harvest. I grew up farming and with my best friend Mei. She was always getting herself into trouble by learning about technology instead of farming. One day she disappeared and I never knew what happened to her. I just assumed she was dead which was really hard on me. She was always like a sister I never had.

I have wander lust, so I got the hell out of Harvest shortly after Mei disappeared. I guess in some ways I was hoping to find her. I survived off of picking up odd jobs and learned a few different trades along the way. I got screwed a few times for some gigs I did or some gigs got screwed and i managed to duck out without anyone noticing (hopefully). I find myself an easy person to forget in the right situations.

I am now working on Boros, or should say “I was” working. I was a dock worker unloading cargo for little pay, but was laid off due to the lack of jobs in the city. I am currently searching for work and I am not picky as long as I can eat off of what I make and have a place to sleep.


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