The world of Sihnon is known for its beauty. It is the heart of the Buddhist religion, a fact made obvious by the many monasteries and temples here. The Companion’s Guild is based here, with multiple houses in the large cities and a massive temple dedicated to the schooling of young girls and boys.

All other guilds have headquarters on Sihnon. Guild business takes place behind closed doors. Disputes are handled by registered arbitration houses. The city of Chang’Pei is given over completely to trade administration.

The capital city is Lu’Weng., which has a great number of hot springs. It is one of the largest producers of silk in the system. Raw silk is farmed all over the planet and then sent to Lu’Weng, where it is refined and bolted or made into clothing.

Landing on Sihnon is restricted, although the government issues passes to those who come here on a frequent basis.


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