A small mining moon, Haven us home to an independent group of miners who laid claim to this rock and are not about to be shoved off it. The miners of Haven have not yet struck it rich, but they have seen enough signs to believe that they are close to a major haul (just what, they’re not saying!).

Others in the ’Verse apparently think that Haven has something worthwhile beneath the surface. The Corone Consortium recently sent in spies to try to dig up information. The spies were caught and, after revealing the name of their employer, they were sent back, a little worse for wear, carrying a message to their employer to stay the hell out of Haven.

Since then, the mining communities of Haven have pooled their resources to buy a large surface to air cannon which they have mounted near the edge of the largest mining town to discourage visitors.

Higgins Moon:
A man named Higgins was appointed magistrate of a small, unnamed moon. At the time the moon was founded, it did not appear to have useful resources or much potential for agriculture. A few years later, it was discovered that some areas have a mineral rich clay that can be harvested, chemically treated and kiln fired into a ceramic that is ten times stronger than steel at half the weight. It formed a new industry: mud.

The company town of Canton was founded near the largest mud pits. Over two thousand workers live in Canton and work for Magistrate Higgins. Many of these are slaves and indentured laborers.


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