Character Creation

Heroic Level

  • Greenhorn: 42 Character Points
  • Veteran: 48 Character Points
  • Big Damn Hero: 54 Character Points

Choose at least one and no more than five Assets and Complications. Assets cost and Complications provide 2 Attribute Points for a minor and 4 Attribute Points for a Major trait.

Allocate points to Attributes
Calculate your available points: Heroic Level + Complications – Assets.
Assign these points to your attributes. Any points left over may be saved as Experience Points or spent on Skills.

  • Agility (aiming, dexterity, contributes to Initiative)
  • Strength (brawling, lifting, pushing, etc)
  • Vitality (resistance to sickness, constitution, contributes to Life Points)
  • Alertness (spot checks, detecting lies, contributes to Initiative)
  • Intelligence (tactics, solving puzzles)
  • Willpower (intimidating or resisting intimidation, functioning while wounded, contributes to Life Points)

Calculate your Derived Attributes:

  • Initiative = Agility + Alertness
  • Life Points = Vitality + Willpower

Allocate Skill Points
Calculate your available points: Heroic Level + 20
General skills may be no further than a d6. After that, you must specialize. For example, if you want to have a d10 skill in guns, you must first spend 6 points in Guns, then choose a specialty such as Pistols and spend an additional 4 points. In this scenario, you have spent 10 points to purchase a d6 in Guns and a d10 in Pistols. You may add more specialties to this. For example, you could spend an additional 2 points to get a d8 in Sniper Rifles.

Purchase Gear
Determine your starting cash. This is generally just based on your heroic level, however some Assets and Complications modify it (i.e. “Moneyed Individual” or “Dead Broke”).

  • Greenhorn: C750
  • Veteran: C1,500
  • Big Damn Hero: C3,000

You don’t need to purchase the clothes on your back, but you will need to purchase almost everything else. Ask the GM if you are unsure, since it is her prerogative.

Character Creation

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