The heavily industrialized planet of Beaumonde is the manufacturing hub of the system. Its cities are surrounded by factories that produce everything from computer parts to ceramic coffee mugs. Due to high industrial output, pollution is a problem. Beaumonde’s cities are covered in a perpetual haze. Some people have moved their homes and businesses underground to escape the air pollution.

Once you get away from the cities and out into the countryside, the air quality improves a mite. Farmers and ranchers manage to make a good living. There is also a thriving spaceport on Beaumonde, much like the more famous port on Persephone.

New Dunsmuir, the capital, is the only city on the planet that has no factories. It’s a popular tourist destination, and many wealthy factory owners make their homes here. It is a beautiful city with avenues of trees and carefully maintained flower gardens.

Some of the factories are owned by Blue Sun. Security is tight on all Blue Sun planets.


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