• 3 Easy
• 7 Average
• 11 Hard
• 15 Formidable
• 19 Heroic
• 23 Incredible
• 27 Ridiculous
• 31 Impossible

Basic action: Attribute + Skill dice must beat difficulty.
Opposed action: whoever rolls higher succeeds.
Unskilled action: Roll 2 attributes or 1 attribute twice.
Complex action: Difficulty x 5. Roll every [period of time], adding rolls until success. 1 botch raises the difficulty by 4. 2 botches and the action fails.
Assistance: Direct – add your roll to another player’s. Indirect – highest roll is used.

Roll Initiative.
Player 1: take action (move, defend, attack, cover, heal, etc).
Multiple Actions: -1 skill step to all actions per additional action.
o 15ft = free action.
o 30ft = 1 action.
o 30ft + Str/Agi + Athletics/Running = 2 actions, no penalty if only actions in turn.
Attack: GM sets target difficulty.
o Long range:
• Player 1 rolls Agi + weapon skill.
• Villain 1 chooses to defend, which counts as an action on his next turn, or innate defense (Agi only = 0 actions).
o Close range:
• Player 1 rolls Str + weapon skill.
• Villain 1 chooses to defend or use innate defence.
Defense: applies to next received attack.
o Block (close range only): Agi + applicable skill. If blocking a weapon attack while unarmed, take listed weapon damage.
o Dodge: Your Agi + Athletics/Dodge roll replaces the difficulty number to hit you.
o All-Out Defense: take only defensive action in a turn to gain +2 skill step.
Attack modifiers:
• All-out attack: take only attack actions to get +2 skill step.
• Cover:
o Light (half target concealed): +2 difficulty/-d2 explosion dmg.
o Medium (more than half concealed): +4 /-d4
o Heavy (most concealed): +6/-d6.
o Total (not visible or tiny portion visible): not hit or +16/-d8
o Substances that conceal but don’t block count as armour.
o No cover when a shot is called on body part not concealed.
• Range:
o Point blank (10ft): 0 Difficulty.
o Short (1 increment): 3
o Medium (2 increments): 7
o Long (3 increments): 11
• Aim: +1 step per turn aiming, up to 3.
• Called shot:
o Moderate Target (leg, arm, or torso): +4 Difficulty
o Small Target (hand, foot, head): +8
o Miniscule Target (heart, kneecap, or eye): +12
• Disarm: -2 step skill melee/-4 step skill ranged, target rolls hard Agi + Will to avoid dropping weapon.
• Feint: Roll Ale + appropriate skill to negate all defense except innate. Target opposes with Int + Perception/Intuition.
• Sneak Attack: makes an opponent an easy target.
• Explosion: First distance increment does full damage, -1 step to each successive increment.
o Thrown explosive: average attack roll to hit intended target.
• Throw weapon: -1 to -4 step skill penalty to throw a non-thrown weapon, based on distance and weapon type.
• Covering: hold your action until opponent comes into view of area you are watching to get automatic initiative.
• Prone: Getting up is an action. -2 step penalty to attacking while down. If lying flat, have light cover.
• Grapple: To hold on to opponent, both roll Agi + Unarmed Combat/Specialty. To break free each turn, both roll Agi + Str. Each turn you have hold, opponent is an easy target for unarmed attack, suffocation, push, or knock down.
• Break object: see page 154.
• Firing into a crowd: see page 155.
• Improvised weapons: Apply skill appropriate to how you are using the weapon with -1 to -4 step penalty based on size/heft of weapon. Damage based on weapon object most resembles.
• Attacking blinded or in the dark: target makes an easy innate defense roll to avoid being hit. If hit, make a new attack roll to determine damge.
• Unstable terrain: -2 step to all actions. Lurches require average Agi + Ale roll to avoid being Prone.
• Zero-Gravity: roll average Agi + Survival/Zero-G to avoid -2 step penalty to all actions during turn.
Calculate Damage:
• If Player 1’s attack is greater than Villain 1’s defence + difficulty + terrain modifiers, then the attack is successful.
• Player 1 attack – Villain 1 defence + difficulty + terrain modifiers = basic damage.
• Player 1 rolls weapon to determine additional damage.
• Extraordinary success: If attack is 7 over the difficulty + opposition, the target must roll Average Endurance. Success: damage is taken normally. Failure: Basic damage causes a debilitating injury; Stun damage causes unconsciousness + Shock Points equal to the stun damage; Wound damage causes d2W every 10 minutes without treatment.
• Botching: If the attack roll is all ones, something bad happens and you either lose your next turn or must roll attack to see if a friendly is hurt.
• Passing out: if damage = LP, roll average Endurance to avoid falling unconscious. Every turn after, repeat at +4 difficulty per turn.
• Shock Points: After falling unconscious, additional S damage is recorded as Shock Points, making you unconscious for 1 hour without medical attention. Roll average Endurance once per hour to reduce SP by 1. If SP = LP, you are in a coma and need medical attention to recover.
• Wound penalty: When W = half LP, you suffer -2 step to all attributes.
• Dying: When W = LP, roll easy Endurance to avoid death. Roll every turn at +4 difficulty per turn. If W = twice LP, you are dead.
• Other types of damage:
o Burns: heal at half normal rate and leave disfiguring scars.
o Swimming in the Black: immediate death.
o Drugs/poison: roll Resistance (Vit + Vit) at GM chosen difficulty.
o Environmental hazards (extreme heat and cold, high altitude, low oxygen) cause 1 S damage every hour without protection.
o Falling: 10ft = roll easy Agi + Athletics/Gymnastics. +4 difficulty for each additional 10ft. Difficulty used as attack roll to determine damage.
o Illness: see page 158.
o Radiation: see page 158.
o Suffocation: roll easy Resistance every 2 turns, +4 difficulty each time. If you fail, take d2 S. When LP = 0, take both SP and W damage.

• Make attack: Role-play, and roll pertinent stats (Will/Influence, or if duelling about geek area could be Int/Pilot etc).
• Defend: Role play and defend with pertinent stats.
• Taking damage: Composure = Ale + Will. If attacker is higher, defender takes difference in Stress against Composure.
• Winning: when a character has no more composure, he has lost the argument. This can mean storming off, punching the other, etc.
Natural Healing:
• S: once per day, roll Vit/Will to gain that number S LP. Low activity rate heals 1 S LP every two hours. Rest to heal 1 S LP per hour.
• W:
o After 1 day, roll Endurance to see if you are on the mend. For 1-2 W, success is automatic; for 3-4 W, easy; +4 difficulty for each additional 2 W.
o Once on the mend, heal 1 W every 2 days resting.
o If you botch a recovery roll, you’re getting worse and must take d2W every 2 days (due to infection, internal bleeding, etc). Roll Endurance every time you take more damage to halt it, and then again after 2 days to restart mending.
• First Aid: If character in immediate danger of dying, stops from having to make Endurance rolls to survive. Roll hard Ale + Medical Expertise/Specialty with skill modifier based on situation.
o Improvised supplies, heavy distractions: -2 step.
o Limited supplies, light distractions: -1 step.
o Standard supplies, no distractions: none.
o Superior supplies, ambulance conditions: +1 step.
o Cutting edge supplies, hospital conditions: +2 step.
• Reviving the dead: Formidable first aid roll, +4 difficulty per minute character is dead. If successful, character can roll another Endurance check.
• Waking the unconscious: Slap/throw water/shout allows character an average Endurance check to wake up. Character is unable to take full actions, but can heal normally. Stimulants give d2 to d12 S LP back for a few hours.
• Painkillers: Proper medication negates Attribute penalty for being seriously wounded. Roll easy Int + Medical Expertise/specialty for administering the proper dose. 55
• Surgery: If successful, will make someone on the mend and give the option of healing 1W/4days without resting. Complex action. Difficulty: 3-4 easy, add 4 for every 2 wounds. If you botch twice, inflict d2 additional wounds and start over. Bonus for med supplies.


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