A Swift Fall
The first adventure...

At the edge of Birch River, a small town on Boros, a small transport ship crash lands. Six people hear it crash and a single gun shot. They go investigate.

The ship is slightly buried, but they can see the name of the ship, partly obscured by the ground: “Swift-”. A man is lying in front of the ship, clothes covered in blood, a gun in his hand and half his head blown off. The cargo doors are open.

The engine is completely intact. Swiftfall did not crash due to engine failure. No crew or blood are to be found on the vessel. A man is tied up and drugged in the captain’s quarters.

Raven and Mei are reunited after a long separation. Cevila and Ulric clearly know each other as well.

Mei, while looking around the main computer, came across an audio log of the owner, Miles Albatross: “My good luck, my sweet little girl, was taken from me. Damn them, they killed her! The Alliance and Rush Bracken are both to blame. I couldn’t save her.
Please, whoever finds this albatross, scrap her. Don’t let them get her.”

Ulric deduced that the shooting was a suicide.

Linna convinced everyone that the abandoned ship is a great opportunity, especially since she happens to have a “quick” salvage job up her sleeve.

Kim and Cevila went to the scrapyard to get a new landing foot and bolt to reattach the primary buffer panel. They get a good deal, since Kim had unpaid wages at the scrapyard, and the boss took a liking to Cevila.


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