Ulric von Morganstern



Ulric stands an unassuming 5’11" with dark hair and gray eyes and is well built from a habit of tussling with anyone too drunk (or sober) to know better. Quiet and observant, he prefers to watch and gather information before acting with the calm of a battlefield veteran. He found funds meant for school better spent elsewhere; the most obvious being a very distinctive long duster and hat which appear immaculate even when dusty and bloody.


Born to wealthy parents on Persephone, Ulric was sent to school on Ariel for what his parents assumed would be an excellent education. A few years later he realized he didn’t much care for that kind of schoolin’ and started frequenting spots of local color and getting into trouble. After meeting some fascinating folk in Ariel’s underworld, Ulric found the excitement (and coin paid for a job done) suited him far better than the dull world of flaky upper crust living. Within months he was starting to make a name for himself as a man that got things done.

The Miranda broadcast threw the verse into what Ulric saw as a far more fascinating state and he decided to try his luck in wider worlds. With no particular cause in mind, only a desire for work and credits, he is curious what new and exciting folks are out there and is looking for a ship to sign up with.

Ulric von Morganstern

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