Tsen Lung Finway

Wealthy anti-Alliance politician


Tall and thin, Finway dresses on the flashy side of Core high society style. Dark maroon breeches and jacket are offset by a pale, flowered collar and cuffs. Black boots that reach his knees are shined to a sparkle, and a thin, ruby-adorned rapier hangs at his hip. With his dark hair greased back from his face, he generally wears a pinched smile on the mouth and a frown of constant concentration on his forehead.


The Tsen Lung are the 5th wealthiest family in the ‘verse. They acquired their wealth through their manufacturing conglomerate, known for buying cheap raw goods from the Rim (mostly based on slave labour), and selling expensive finished products to the central planets.

Several unfortunate incidents of social faux pas by Tsen Lung individuals has resulted in virtual banishment from Core high society. The first was a family member losing a duel. Tsen Lung Boris was notably challenged by Atherton Wing (Wing is recorded to have killed a dozen men with a sword in Civilization and Its Customs by George Liang) after the latter overheard Boris “insult” a party guest – he had commented to a leading political figure on the recent increase in import tariffs. Given that Boris was pushing eighty at the time, and Atherton a sprightly nineteen, the Tsen Lung clan look on this disgrace with much resentment. Public comments referencing this event, and further disgruntlement over tariffs, resulted in a slow decline of the family honour.

Tsen Lung Finway is the latest of a line of upstart young family members who are determined to reclaim the old power and respectability. Attractive and charismatic, Finway has worked ever since the Miranda Broadcast to discredit the Alliance and win over its supporters. Three years later, it is unclear whether the New Alliance will overthrow the old, or if the Tsen Lung will lose their wealth with their honour in a political defeat.

Tsen Lung Finway

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