Firefly Class Spaceship, sort of


Rooms: Crew quarters (1 single, 3 double), bathroom, common room/kitchen, cargo bay, engine room, storage locker.

STR 4 (small transport)
AGI 8 (good maneuverability)
VIT 4 (in need of regular service)
ALE 2 (rudimentary, only the barest nav-sat, Cortex access, and communications equipment)
INT 4 (substandard autopilot, can handle mundane flight details and issue automated responses to communication attempts)
WILL 2 (rudimentary: auxiliary life-support and little else)
• LP 6

Specifications: Speed Class-5 (hard burn 7); Fuel Capacity-100 tons; Cargo Capacity-500 tons; 80ft x 30ft; 1,000 tons.

• Quirk-Poorly lit (m): The hallways have only dim overhead lighting, making the less-than-even floor paneling a tripping hazard for the inattentive.
• Complication-Memorable (m): Originalclass and design.
• Asset-Allure (m).
• Fast Throttle (m)

• 4 Athletics (collision avoidance)
• Covert (stealth programming)
• Heavy Weapons (Automatic targeting)
• Knowledge (database)
• 2 Mechanical Engineering (interactive maintenance manual)
• Perception (sensor routine and internal security checks)
• 2 Pilot (Autopilot)

Weapons: two bitty cannons (20lb); 6 kinetic warheads (20lb, 2W)
Armor: none (page 113)
Complexity: Low.

Large Hover Mule: (Pd6, M -; 4 seats; 60mph; 1 ton; 1,000lb capacity)
1 vacuum suit
Ship handset
Distress Beacon
Mechanic’s Tools


Though she seems to fall under the firefly class according to crew requirements and hauling capacity, she is a jumble of parts and designs that come together to make a unique, small transport ship. She requires a pilot and mechanic, but can accommodate up to seven personnel, be they medic, cook, muscles, or paying passenger.


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