Kim Li

Straight-shooting young cowboy; fresh off the farm, almost.



Strength 10
Agility 6
Vitality 8
Alertness 6
Intelligence 6
Willpower 6

Derived Traits:

Life Points 14
Initiative 2d6
Endurance d6+d8
Resistance 2d8


  • Animal Handling 6
    • horse 10
  • Athletics 6
    • Lifting 8
    • Running 8
  • Guns 6
    • Rifle 12
    • Shotgun 10
  • Mechanical Engineering 6
    • Ships 8
  • Planetary Vehicles 6
    • Hover “mule” 8
    • Wheeled “mule” 8
  • Unarmed Combat 6
    • Boxing 8


Item Quantity
Gun cleaning kit 1
Patch tape (roll) 3
Purification crystals (ea.) 20
Cutting torch 1
Basic toolkit 1
Rifle 1
Shotgun 1
Utility knife 1
Clothes (changes of) 3
Belt clip holding one 20-count ammo box 2
Knapsack 1
Sunglasses 1
Stetson hat 1
Rifle rounds 100
Shotgun rounds 100
Credits 10

Weapon stats:

Item Damage Range Rate of Fire Magazine Capacity Weight
Rifle 1d8 Wounding 225’ 3 30 9
Shotgun 1d10 Wounding 10’ 2 10 10

At 6’6” and 200 lbs of muscle, Kim Li’s image would make a great frontiersman propaganda image. That is, if his eyes weren’t two different colors and his hair weren’t piebald also. Altogether, he is hard to miss in a crowd, and hard to mistake for anyone else.

Kim Li is a young man with an easy, good-natured charm which lends itself to making friends.

Kim’s muscle is come by honest-like, wrangling cattle on the old farmstead. Once the well dried out and the bank threatened foreclosure, it was wrangling ship parts at the salvage yard for a couple of years. That was good work but it dried up too soon also. Then pa came down with the flynx.

With no work on Boros what pays enough to support his ma, pa, and four younger sibs, Kim is looking farther afield. Anyone needing shooting, ship repairs, or a mule jockey could do far worse than to take him on.

Kim Li

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