Sickly Sharpshooter


Strength – 4
Agility – 12
Vitality – 4
Alertness – 8
Intelligence – 10
Willpower – 8

Life Points – 10
Initiative – d8 + d12
Endurance – d4 + d6
Resistance – d4 + d4

Covert – d6
Guns – d6
- Pistols – d12 + 2
- Assault Rilfes – d12
- Sniper Rifles – d12
Medical Expertise – d6
Perception – d6
- Tactics – d12
Pilot – d6
Planetary Vehicles – d6


Newtech Pistol
Damage – d8 Wounding
Rate of Fire – 3
Magazine – 10

Newtech Pistol
Damage – d8 Wounding
Rate of Fire – 3
Magazine – 10

Newtech Assault Rifle
Damage – d10 Wounding
Rate of Fire – 3 (Full Auto Available)
Magazine – 50

Newtech Sniper Rifle
Damage – d8 Wounding
Rate of Fire – 3
Magazine – 20
-Computerized Scope

Newtech Tactical Suit
Armor Rating – 5W


Born and raised on Boros to an Alliance-friendly ex-military family, from an early age Will was taught that the Alliance were “the good guys.” He grew up with dreams of military glory and aspired to one day join up like his father. On Boros he was no stranger to Alliance tech and in his teen years became quickly accustomed to handling all manner of firearms in his preparation to enlist.

When the Miranda Broadcast happened his beliefs were rocked to his core. Will jumped on the first ship off of Boros, abandoning his family and his destiny, jumping from border planet to border planet trying to get by. He very soon became familiar with Rush Bracken’s campaign and sought out joining his cause, looking to bring justice to the Alliance he once held in such high regard.

Two years later, Will is a civilian once more. A rare blood disease threatens to end his life, the doctors have never seen anything like it and can only give him pills to ease the pain. Again he is traveling the border planets, now as a well trained and equipped gun-for-hire.

Terminally Ill (Major)

Will Wyatt is dying. His skin is pale, his body is weak. (Take a -2 Step to skill checks involving Strength or Athletics). Will is not long for the Verse and he knows it. He does not fear death. No fight is too dangerous, to challenge to great. He will walk into battle with little to no regard for his well being.

Hooked (Minor)

Will lives a life of pain. His body is ravaged by his disease and he has found solace in painkillers. Right now he can manage with four a day but eventually he will have to find more…

Two Fisting (Major)

Years of training have given Will an edge in combat. He can perform tasks and fire weapons proficiently with either hand.

Sharpshooter (Minor)

Few gunman can match Will in battle. He is always aiming and receives a +1 Step when using Guns in combat when not taking other actions.


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