Cevila Burkley

High Society Lady


I’ve got a fair shot, a good education, and am decent with canvas and a brush. Looking to find some adventure and escape the high class societal debut my parents have in mind for me.


Originally from a wealthy family on Persephone, my parents moved to the border moon Liliac when I was starting primary school. They fell in love with the rustic life of the moon, helped to establish order and curtail the corruption of other land owners and grew the agricultural production. I was raised to be aware of the privilege my wealth brought, but also with the deep-seated understanding that many landed gentry hold of our unique place in the world. My family has been faithful to the alliance, but is realistic about the challenges that exist for those on the border planets. We have always supported reform from within, and while the Miranda broadcast might have shaken our faith in the systems ideals, we continue to advocate for reform – not revolution. I might diverge with my parents opinion on that, but I’m not sure as of yet.

As Lilac has little to offer in terms of a cultured society, I have been boarding on a central planet for the past few years in order to make my societal debut. Unfortunately, it seems like the cultured life of art galleries and galas does not sit to well with one raised on the rim to gofer shooting and bareback horse riding. I’m enduring the pressures of high society for now, but am on the look out for adventure instead.

Cevila Burkley

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