The First Job

Salvage Op

The mysterious bound passenger woke up. After some tension, the crew found out his name is Westin. He joined up in the hopes that Swiftfall is his fastest way off Boros.

Mei and Raven thought it would be prudent to get some legitimate-looking documentation for the ship. They went to the Boros port in search of a cortex uplink, with which Mei believes she can get what she needs.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew headed off-world to start the salvage op, since Rory emphasized that it was time-sensitive. They found a transport crate, and after a little effort and bump, attached a docking tube. Kim cut the lock, but as soon as he opened it, he was shot by someone inside. Kim, Ulric, and Westin took down the three men defending the crate. Two were killed and one was rendered unconscious. Kim was wounded very badly by the tough with a combat knife.



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