Gettin' Paid

Session 3

Westin killed the unconscious man. In the crates, he finds luxury doorknobs. Ulric and Cevila load the crates onto Swiftfall.

Ulric and Cevila patched up Kim, who is now on the mend.

Rory had noticed that there was a booby trap from the shipping crate attached to Swiftfall. Kim, although hopped up on pain killers, was able to bypass the trap.

Westin and Rory successfully convinced an Alliance patrol that they were simply out for a diagnostic run.

The crew dropped off the goods at Mr Hollandel’s space station. He was not impressed with Westin’s manner (Westin expressed his displeasure with having to kill for the cargo), but Rory and Cevila managed to smooth things over and get paid a decent rate. He didn’t, however, offer them another job.

Mei and Raven arranged for ship papers and a fake ID for Mei to be delivered to a post office box in two weeks. While at the library, they met Dr Rufus D. Doget,. He and Mei hit it off and spent a large portion of their two week wait inventing together. They managed to come up with an upgrade for Mr 8, as well as some coding improvements to Rufus’s arm.



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